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Yorkshire Terrier Teeth Information- Teacup Yorkies

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. Keeping Your Puppy's Teeth Clean can help him be healthier

Clean your Yorkie's  Teeth.   To prevent tooth decay and gum disease, clean your Yorkie's teeth on a regular basis. Most Yorkie puppies will accept a toothbrush if introduced to it slowly and gently. You can also give your Yorkie products such as hard biscuits and nylon chews to keep his teeth clean.   Like your own  teeth, a Yorkie Puppy's teeth need daily care to remain healthy and  strong.

Feed him  specially formulated dog foods  proven to reduce plaque and  tartar buildup.  Many Yorkie puppies as young as age 3  may already show some form  of oral disease. If left untreated,  bacteria from the teeth and gums can cause serious health  problems.


Visit your veterinarian regularly, especially if you see signs of possible  oral disease, such as bad breath, yellow-brown crust around the gum line, pawing at the mouth.


Losing  Puppy Teeth

Your Yorkie will be losing puppy teeth between the age of 3 to 7 months. Like humans, the adult teeth push the puppy teeth out.

Age - Teeth that Fall Out and Grow

3 Months:  Puppy Incisors begin to fall out
4 Months: Yorkie Adult Canines and Molars start to come in
6 to 7 Months: Adult Molars Come In
7 to 8 Months: Full Adult Teeth

Yorkie Puppies are just like babies and seek to teeth to relieve the pain of the teeth breaking through the gums. You’ll see your puppy drool excessively, natures lubricant for tooth growth.

The root from the baby tooth (deciduous tooth root) should be reabsorbed by the adult tooth. If it is not, the adult tooth may produce an abnormal bite (malocclusion) and even have two sets of crowded teeth (a common problem in toy breeds). You should have a baby tooth removed if it is in the same area of the adult tooth. Removing the baby tooth early will often result in the adult tooth moving into its correct place.

What to Do When Teething Begins

Please understand that for your Yorkie  puppy, chewing is compulsory. It is the owner's job to recognize this and ensure that those energies are properly channeled into acceptable pastimes. Simply using punishment to deter inappropriate chewing would be like punishing your child for growing too tall for his pants.

Do not leave your puppy unattended. Nothing is sacred to the teething Yorkie puppy. Your shoes, your socks, your rugs, your couch, your speakers.
Do give your puppy plenty to chew toys, rawhide chews, dried pig ears, dry dog biscuits, large-animal soup bones, firm rubber toys or sticks.


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I offer  yorkie puppies, teacup yorkies, tiny teacup yorkies .  I do ship or you can come and visit my boutique to view some of the prettiest Yorkies around. 

Yorkies are very intelligent and love to investigate everything therefore keeping your house Yorkie proof is very important.    I love to use a Yorkie Playpen and I also sell them.   They are great because you can keep your Yorkie puppy in a contained area but not locked in a cage.    Yorkies need to be trained from the moment that you take one home.  Making sure that you are persistent in training is the key to success.   

All of my yorkie puppies are registered unless specified in the contract. When you purchase my  yorkie pup,  teacup yorkie pup,  tiny teacup pup for sale, he or she will have their registration papers that you will need to fill in the blanks and mail it in to the company.  Also they (yorkie) teacup yorkie,  yorkie, tiny teacup yorkie for sale will have a health certificate from our veterinarian.  We suggest that you take your yorkie puppy,  teacup yorkie,  yorkie, tiny teacup yorkie  to your veterinarian for  another check up within 3 days after purchase.    Ask your vet to give you information on the shots your ) teacup yorkie,  yorkie, tiny teacup yorkie needs.       My yorkie puppy, yorkie pup,  teacup yorkie pup,  tiny teacup pups have shots up to date and wormings.    I take pride on how I keep them and love them.  I want to ensure that whoever buys one of my Yorkies for sale will take great care of them.

The Yorkies for sale, teacup yorkie,  yorkie, tiny teacup yorkie are sold when they 8 weeks or older.  Some of the tinier Yorkies are held back until they are eating on their own.   I do not rush and prefer to sell them when they are eating on their own to ensure that the Yorkies for sale, teacup yorkie,  yorkie, tiny teacup yorkie do not get a sugar attack which is called hypoglycemia.   Hypoglycemia is sometimes induced by a lot of activity and not enough nutrition.   If you follow the feeding instructions for the Yorkies for sale, teacup yorkie,  yorkie, tiny teacup yorkie that I provide at the time of purchase you should not have any issues with your Yorkie puppy.   Please limit play time to 10 minutes every two hours for the first week you have the puppy.    It is very important that you follow these instructions when you buy one of my Yorkies for sale, teacup yorkie,  yorkie, tiny teacup yorkie for sale. 

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